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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Grimlands Mac Version Announced
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Drago Entertainment recently announced that it will develop a Mac version of Grimlands, a post-apocalyptic action MMO which has been in development for five years. After losing funding from its former publisher, Drago is seeking funding for the nearly complete project in a Kickstarter campaign.

After receiving so many questions and encouragement about bringing Grimlands to Linux and Mac OS X, we finally caved in. We are going to port Grimlands to both platforms!

It is something we have been planning for a long time, even started prototyping a few things here and there, but haven't fully committed to it before. Now we made the decision to launch Grimlands not only for Windows XP/Vista/7/8, but also Mac OS X and Linux. No matter which operating system you are using, everyone will be able to play on the same servers together.

About Grimlands:

Grimlands presents a different approach to MMOs by combining the fast and fun gameplay of a first&third person shooter with a full scale, sandbox MMORPG that is set in a vast open game world and features a fully player based economy where every item is crafted out of scavenged raw materials. Following the PVE-Quests and engaging in persistant or instanced PVP you develop your character skills free of points, classes or levels. Whether you will band together in clans and fight for key territories or stay a lone wolfe on the side is just one of the decisions you will face.

The game starts twenty years after devastating earthquakes lay everything to waste. What remains of humanity is fighting hard for survival. Those cities in the southwest United States that did not crumble in the quakes have been flattened in the bitter struggles for the remaining ressources. In this inhospitable post-apocalyptic scenario there's only one goal for you: survival!

Grimlands comes with interesting, unique and innovative touches to how we approach certain things and below you can find all the details:

  • No point & click – fast shooter style combat with a cover system and stealth.
  • Your skills are based on what you do. There are no points, no classes, just a wide variety of choices to develop your character the way you want to.
  • We don’t force you to group with other players, instead we make ‘solo’ a viable approach. Even dungeons can be set into ‘solo’ mode.
  • No more static fights. No waiting to find a tank or healer via LFG - we got rid of the tank-healer-damage combo.
  • Enemies that just stand there or behave like lemmings is something you won’t find in Grimlands. We made enemy AI something to be reckoned with.
  • Explore the huge post-apocalyptic world on foot or with vehicles. Explore it on your own or let yourself be lead by quests.
  • Fully customizable vehicles are used by up to four players for travel and combat.
  • Crafting, modding and upgrading with almost limitless variety. Define the stats and change appearance of your crafted items. The best gear is crafted by players and not dropped from bosses, giving the ultimate reason for trade in the auction house.
  • Grimlands offers wide-ranging choices for PvP enthusiasts: Duels, Open World PvP, PvP Areas, Clan Wars and Territorial PvP.
  • Grimlands offers a more level playing field than other MMORPGs because skills are developed individually.
  • With the best items not coming from loot, but being crafted by players, the high customizability of items and a fully-featured auction house we set a solid foundation for an engaging player based economy.
Learn more about the game and the Kickstarter campaign at the links below.

Grimlands Kickstarter
Drago Entertainment

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