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Thursday, February 22, 2001
Jamagic 3D Engine Coming to OS X
8:29 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Another report on iDevGames pointed us to a company called Clickteam which is currently developing a 2D/3D game dev environment named Jamagic. This title is being built with multiple platforms in mind, so it will be available for Windows first, and then Mac OS X and Linux later. Jamagic will include a 3D engine with both software and hardware renderers, a powerful 2D sprite engine, and a Javascript-like scripting system for game developers to use. The cross platform nature of the system along with it's built-in TCP/IP networking will also be a great help for developers:

You will simply choose which platform you use to develop on, then program your application on that platform. Jamagic will allow cross development. For example, press RUN on the PC and see the program run on your MAC, connected through the network. Or maybe debug your Window application from your Linux based editor.

  As all communication between the machines are TCP/IP based, you will even be able to debug though the Internet - press RUN on a MAC in Miami and see the program run on a PC in London! Or if you are good at debugging, sell your debugging time through the Internet...

Pricing has not yet been set for Jamagic, though interested developers should probably contact Clickteam directly. Once a OS X version is available, we'll announce it here as well, so stay tuned.

Jamagic Web Site

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Archives  News  Jamagic 3D Engine Coming to OS X