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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Kickstarting Strategizer: The Art Of Defense
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

A new Kickstarter campaign is under way for Titan Games's Strategizer: Art of Defense. The hybrid of real time strategy and tower defense game styles is planned for release on Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs. Having already completed two years of development on the game the developers are hoping to gather 10,000 by the April 4 deadline to complete the project.

Having crash-landed on a new planet, radar is showing hostiles inbound.
It's up to you to fortify the area....

Starting out with only a small camp, some basic weapons and not much else - you will be tasked with defending the area. Gather resources, stop enemy advances, attack enemy bases, defeat bosses, and collect new equipment along the way.

Over your journey, build bigger and better bases, defend with more advanced weapons, call in air support, super turrets, and alien technology. Research new equipment, travel to new worlds with new dangers, and earn medals for completeing missions and secondary objectives.

Strategizer is a game with HUGE depth. Even if you complete the campaign and unlock all the achievements and medals, more planets will be added over time with new levels, themes and enemies. There is a weekly tournament to compete for the high score, and plans for a multiplayer mode...

When the game begins: You will face wave upon wave of increasingly dangerous enemies, who are on a mission to destroy your base! Keep your base standing for as long as possible, while you attempt to complete your own mission.

VARIOUS MISSIONS/GAME MODES: As well as the classic "Survive against X amount of waves" game type, there will also be other game types that require you to:

  • Attack and destroy an Enemy Base
  • Stockpile a certain amount of resources to win the game
  • Defeat a huge enemy Boss.
  • Survive as long as possible / Infinite waves (for a better high score)
  • Perform unique actions for scripted levels.
  • Plus more!
There will be 6 medals to win for each level, sometimes requiring you to replay the level in a different scenario. There is a lot of depth to the Campaign mode, it will take a long time to complete the entire game
  • and even then, new planets will be added over time!

    Selecting Campaign Mode will take you through the extended story of how mankind were forced to flee Earth. There are 2 factions in the story, each evolving to have their own technology.

  • Check out the page below for more information. about the game and Kickstarter campaign.

    Strategizer: The Art Of Defense Kickstarter

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