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Wednesday, February 21, 2001
Dark Tide 1: Special Edition Complete
8:32 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A post to our forums informed us a new mod for Dark Forces, the very popular 2.5D shooter from LucasArts, is completed and about to be released. Yes, people are still playing and making content for this classic shooter, which has cried out in vain for a sequel since 1998. Called Dark Tide 1: Special Edition, it is actually an enhancement of a mod completed nearly a year ago. This special edition includes many new features such as bug fixes, better graphics, and an impressive cut scene. It was also made on a Mac, with Brad Oliver's level editor (one of his first PC-to-Mac ports). Here's more information:

The Dark Tide is a planned series of five third-party missions for LucasArts' first-person shooter, Star Wars: Dark Forces . The first episode was released in January 2000 and set in the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, including battles in and around a full-size Jawa Sandcrawler. The Dark Tide is a collaboration between PC user Matt Hallaron and Macintosh user Patrick Haslow. Haslow created the map for episode I, as well as its original textures, scenery, enemies, and a new weapon: the Mark IV Goobgun. It was the first quality Dark Forces mission created on a Macintosh (using Dark Forge 1.2 by Brad Oliver), and received a review of 95% on CommandChamber.net.

In addition to bug fixes and new graphics, sounds, puzzles, and special effects, the Special Edition of Dark Tide I includes a spectacular closing cutscene by Matt Hallaron to set the stage for episode II. Unlike other third-party DF cutscenes, which usually show rendered ships flying on a static background, it contains up-close-and-personal ground scenes with fully animated characters. Dark Tide I SE is currently being prepared for release, and is expected to be available for download between February 20-23. After the release of the SE, the Dark Tide team will resume working on the second episode, which is already near completion.

Since the second episode should be following the SE version of the original soon, we'll keep you updated on its status. Check out both the Dark Tide home page and the excellent fan resource DF-21.net for more information. In case you haven't tried Dark Forces, the LucasArts site does have a demo available and even copies still in stock for under $20. The game can also be found as part of several game bundles.

LucasArts Dark Forces Page
Official Dark Tide Web Site
DF-21 Dark Tide Web Site

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