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Tuesday, February 20, 2001
Simon the Sorcerer II Available
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As we reported on January 29th, Epic Interactive's port of the PC classic Simon the Sorcerer II to Mac OS has shipped -- but that was only on the UK side of the 'big pond.' Now Mac retailer Mac-O-Rama has Simon II in stock, for those of you in the States looking forward to this comic adventure. Here is a description from the store listing:

This isn't just any old 'Child in Fantasyland' story. For starters, no other kids have to put up with useless old wizards, unattractive heroines, baddies that simply don't know when to stay dead and being the last one in school to discover puberty. Armed with a pointy hat (stupid looking), a pony tail (even more stupid looking) and a tendency to irritate people twice his size, Simon returns in this action packed sequel which promises to be more entertaining, amusing and fun than any other adventure of it's type!

80 plus locations

100 or so characters to interact with

full spoken dialogs

More than 50,000 frames of animation

Handrawn characters and backgrounds

Play in full-screen or window mode

The game is value-priced at $23.00, and it will run on any Power Macintosh in existence. Jump to Mac-O-Rama for more details.

IMG News: Simon the Sorcerer Ships

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