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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

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Update on Mac Q3A 127g
10:01 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Once again a new build of id's first-person shooter Quake 3 Arena is being dangled in front of eager Mac users, in the form of an ICQ transcript that suggests a new version will be out later this week

Here is a transcript allegedly from Graeme Devine, which was released on the Quake3World discussion boards, a solid source of such information in the past:

Graeme Devine: okay.. q3a build...

Graeme Devine: it's good. apple has it.

Graeme Devine: I'll get it out this week
We were able to confirm this information with Graeme, although he could not be more specific about the actual release date.

The detail that Apple has the build is very interesting -- why would Apple be involved in the port of a video game, even one as prominent as Q3A? Well, as some of you might know, Macworld Tokyo is coming up very soon, and id's Q3A has been used as a "demo" app for Macintosh systems in the past, both in keynotes and at the Apple booth.

More importantly, Graeme Devine has mentioned several times in the past that he is incorporating AltiVec/Velocity Engine support into the game, which supposedly gives the game speed and power to rival PC versions running on similar systems. We're sure Mr. Jobs would love to have Q3A running faster on a Power Macintosh G4 733 MHz than a 1.5 GHz PC, just as with his Photoshop demos. Additionally, Q3A is the first "big name" game to have native (Cocoa) support for Mac OS X, which makes it doubly vital as a demo app -- after all, we are a mere month and a week away from the debut of that operating system, as difficult as that is to believe. At $129 a pop, Apple will be quite eager to sell that OS to gamers and anyone else who can pony up the cash.

In any case, Q3A fans will have another suspense-filled week of waiting for a final build of Q3A 127, which (for G4 owners in particular) should be faster, stabler and include better support for the Team Arena expansion pack. You can be sure this update will appear at MacGameFiles.com the instant it hits the "streets." For more details on the changes Graeme has planned for this latest build, and what has delayed it, browse the links below.

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