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Thursday, January 3, 2013

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Chainsaw Ninja In Space Kickstarter Launched
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

IMG's Franklin Pride has announced a new Kickstarter project for Chainsaw Ninja In Space. Described as a stealth-based 2.5D platformer for Mac, Windows, Linux, and possibly iPad, the game will drop players into the silent shoes of the most brutal assassin and mercenary in the galaxy: Chainsaw Ninja. Open until January 30, the Kickstarter campaign target is $50,000.

Chainsaw Ninja In Space is a stealth-based 2.5D platformer that will be released for PC, Mac, Linux, and (if the game isn't too graphics-intensive in the final build) iPad. The game takes place in the near future of space travel, when mad scientists are much harder to track down. In this particular case, the scientist in question decided it'd be a brilliant idea to create a race of self-aware cyborgs that think they're space pirates. This led to a series of raids that have crippled shipping in the Nebulous sector and the hiring of the most brutal assassin and mercenary in the galaxy, the Chainsaw Ninja.


This game can be played two ways, combat or stealth. In the first, there's no need for subtlety. You take out your chainsaw at the first opportunity and kill everything in your path to the cyborg captain. You won't have much rest in a combat run, and you may just find yourself at a disadvantage as the command deck systematically warps in defenders while blocking you into choke points, disabling the elevators, setting traps, opening areas of the ship to outer space, and even setting the self-destruct if you somehow manage to kill most of the thousands of crew members. A combat run is definitely the most action-packed, but most may find it impossible to complete without at least some stealth along the way. In the second, you are a stealthy assassin whose goal is to reach his target, set up an elaborate trap, and escape to your ship before it gets triggered. This could range anywhere from stealing the key to the captain's kitchen and poisoning his personal stash in the officer's quarters to setting up a time-bomb on the generator after disabling the ship's teleporters (so they can't beam it into space or escape), internal sensors (so they don't know it's there and disable it by hand), or lifepods and door locks (so they can't escape before it goes off).

It won't be easy, though, as there are numerous obstacles in your path. You will have to get past regular guards, assassin robots, many a high-security door, automated security systems, and the watchful eye of the command deck.

Head over to the site below for more information.

Chainsaw Ninja In Space Kickstarter

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