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Tuesday, February 20, 2001

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The Sims House Party Q&A
9:46 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Adrenaline Vault has posted a quick new interview with Tim Le
Tourneau, producer for The Sims House Party, the second add-on for
the extemely popular original. While this pack will add new characters and
objects, their main focus this time around is getting your Sims to interact
with each other in large groups. Many new objects will be in place to support this idea, and
anytime you have more than five Sims in one place, it's a party! Here's a
clip from the Q&A with more:

What are some of the new objects and what can be done with them?

One of my personal favorites is the campfire. It is the first object that
allows eight Sims to interact together -- roasting marshmallows and singing
songs and even telling ghost stories. I am also partial to that big cake. It
is... very entertaining.

As with any good party music seems to be a critical part of the upcoming
expansion. Tell us about the different kinds of music that will be
integrated into the game and how the Sims will react to them.

The Dance Floor and the DJ Booth are the new signature items. Five new music
styles and five new dance types will allow the player to create completely
different moods. Put them together with the Costume Trunk and you can get
everyone in the house ready to party. It is amazing when you have a
full-blown disco scene laid out in front of you.

The hollow cake sure does add an interesting twist to a Sims party... Head
over to Avault to check out the rest of the interview. House Party is
expected to be released for the PC in a couple of months. There is still no
word on a Mac version from Aspyr, but we'll bring you any news we get about

On a related note, Stratics Central has recently chatted with the man
behind the entire Sims phenomenon, Will Wright. While there aren't many game-
specific details given, it does cover his start and general philosophy towards
games. Head over now to give it a look.

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