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Monday, February 19, 2001

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Blizzard Interviews
8:58 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two interviews with Blizzard staff have recently been posted, concerning their popular (and sure-to-be popular) games Diablo II and Warcraft III. Well-known employee Bill Roper has been interviewed by Quarter To Three, discussing the third in the Warcraft series and the upcoming Diablo II expansion pack. The Q&A is split into two parts, and it covers a variety of topics on both titles. The Warcraft III interview is interesting, as this title is compared to Bungie's (now Take Two's) Myth series, which Roper says will feel similar. Here's an excerpt:

Qt3: Did you play Myth? Warcraft 3ís battles strike us as possibly being a lot like Mythís with the emphasis on small unit tactics. Is there a comparison here?

Roper: I played hundreds of hours of Myth. I think in Myth, though, the challenge was to get really good with the camera. We have a fixed camera in Warcraft 3, so itís tough for me to draw a well thought-out comparison. If you liked that feel in Myth, that level of control, you definitely get that same kind of feeling in our game, however.

Definitely head over and check out the rest of Roper's answers if you're looking forward to these games.

Gamesmania has also posted an interview, this time talking with Blizzard musician Matt Uelmen. He chats about his start in the industry, as well as providing some details on his current work:

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction will take place in the Barbarian Highlands. Will the music have some type of barbarian influence, and if so where would you draw that style from?

MU: When the word "Barbarian" is mentioned, the obvious reference of Basil Pouledouris' amazing scores to the Conan movies has to come to mind. I recently recorded some tracks with Kirk Trevor and the Slovakian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava, and heard more Wagner than anything else in the influences, which seemed immediately apparent. If anything, I will be trying to do something closer to the Wagner/Orff traditional fantasy style than I have done in the past.

Both the Diablo II add-on and Warcraft III should be out for the Mac shortly after the PC versions. We'll keep you posted as the development for both continues.

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QuarterToThree Interview with Bill Roper
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