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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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Guns Of Icarus Online Version 1.1 Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Muse Games has announced the release of an update for its post-apocalyptic airship combat game, Guns of Icarus Online. Version 1.1 offers a variety of additions including improved matchmaking, death cams, balance adjusted field guns, and speedier squids. The co-operative airship combat game mixes together first-person shooter action with team-based strategy, and is available now for Mac and Windows PCs.

Guns of Icarus Online Version 1.1 Is Here!

Has it really been three weeks since launch? How the time does go by when you’re blowing up airships! We’re very excited to release the first version update to Guns of Icarus Online, v. 1.1, which rolled out earlier this week. This release includes a few bugfixes and performance improvements, and introduces a number of new features. For details, read on.

(Already playing in 1.1? What do you think? Stop by the forums and add your voice to the conversation!)

What's New: Smoother Matchmaking, Death Cams!

Get into matches with your friends faster and spend more time playing! We’ve made a bunch of tweaks and additions to the match browser and matchmaking systems to make it easier than ever to get and stay in the game.

Matches now display the location where the server is hosted, so you can choose games where you’ll get the best performance, as well as easily find and connect with other players in your region. Captain counts are also shown in the match listing, so you can avoid those awkward all-Pilot boats (unless you're into that). Want a rematch? When the match is over, you’ll be rolled over into a new lobby with the same teams, so you can keep on playing without having to reform your crew.

While it’s still a bummer when your ship blows up (won’t somebody please think of the hull?!), at least now you can sit back and enjoy the sights with the new patented Death Cam. Because there’s nothing finer than watching the wreckage of your once-grand airship drift down to the ground in a million little flaming pieces. Except watching it happen to your enemies, of course.

What's Changed: Reined-In Field Guns and Squids Unleashed!

Ending its dominance with some balance adjustments including a decrease in turn speed, rate of fire, and turn radius, as well as an increased reload time and the addition of a slight bullet drop, the Mercury Light Field Gun is less of a long-range ship-killer and is back in its place as a challenging skill-based weapon for cracking open armor at range. These changes should raise the skill ceiling and bring the gun more in line with its intended support role, making for a more rewarding experience when using the weapon effectively, as well as a greater diversity of weapon loadouts in the field.

Love the speed and maneuverability of the Squid? Wish you could fly it even faster, zipping past your opponents and doing circles around them before they even get their engines spun up? The Squid just got a little more get up and go, with a speed boost from 37 m/s to a sweet 47 m/s, and it even got a bit of a health bump to boot, so all your kiting, harassing, speed demon dreams can come true!

What's Fixed: More Stability, Better Performance, Voice Chat Without a Hitch!

In addition to improving game stability and performance, we knocked out voice chat glitches, tracked down a particularly nasty source of framerate drops, and crushed some weird bugs besides. (Sorry, fire extinguishers no longer rebuild broken parts!)

For a full list of changes and fixes, check out the release notes!

What's Still To Come: More Bang for Your Rank, Social Features, New Guns and Maps!

There’s lots more coming down the pipe for v. 1.2 and beyond...here’s a look at some of the features and content that we're still working on and will be adding in future updates!

  • Earn free costumes through achievements and leveling!
  • Your level title displayed in more places — wear your rank with pride!
  • Tally up the fortunes of battle with per-ship stats on the scoreboard!
  • Keep track of your shipmates and find trusty friends and worthy opponents with a Recent Crews list in the Social tab!
  • Steam achievements!
  • Fell your foes from the sky with the new heavy gun codenamed “The Lumberjack” — this upwards-firing long-range cannon topples balloons with ease!
  • Two new Deathmatch maps in the labyrinthine steep-walled Canyons and the treacherous straits known as Serpent’s Point!
This game is a labor of love for us and an ongoing work, and we want you to know that we listen to your feedback and welcome any and all suggestions, ideas, and comments. Talk to us at feedback@musegames.com and let us know what you think!
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