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Friday, February 16, 2001

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Alice and OS X?
9:21 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

As the release date for OS X approaches next month, game developers are answering gamers' questions about development for this next-generation operating system. Westlake Interactive's Brad Oliver has been busy in the gaming forums, answering questions about the just-announced title, American McGee's Alice. He was nice enough to give a response to a poster in our forums about supporting OS X, while noting that there are still crucial pieces of the OS unfinished from a gamer developer's perspective. Here's his post:

I would like to try a carbonized build at some time in the near future, probably after OSX ships. In just looking at the current MacOS code in there, it looks pretty easy to carbonize it - there's not much that's Mac-specific.

I should also mention one very important thing: this is not a promise or a commitment, just a desire on my part.

If you _really_ want to see it under OSX, redirect your spam-campaign at Apple to fix up DrawSprocket and finish HID Manager before OSX goes final. ;-) That's going to be the biggest roadblock by far.

The DrawSprocket and input issues are things every game developer must deal with when trying to port their title to OS X. It's great to hear Oliver is already thinking about a carbonized Alice, though keep in mind this isn't an official announcement.

The game is based upon the Quake 3 engine (which is already available for OS X) so this might ease a transition as well. Alice is scheduled for a development cycle, with a release due hopefully this May (or perhaps even earlier). We'll keep you posted as the status on this spooky title changes. If you've got the bandwidth, check out the very cool Alice trailer available now from EA's web site.

Download Alice Trailer (11MB)
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