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Friday, February 16, 2001
Targetware Tech Interview
9:27 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

A week ago today we brought you details about independent developer Targetware bringing their impressive 3D engine and flight sim Target Korea to the Mac. A movie was later released, showing off some of the plane movements from within the game's engine. Now a second interview with Targetware has been posted by SimHQ, this time talking with CEO and lead programmer Sylvan "SICK" Clebsch himself. You may recognize his name as the original programmer behind Roger Wilco, the program that lets you chat over the 'net while playing games. In this Q&A, Clebsch discusses how versatile and realistic the Target Korea engine is, the possibility of interacting with ground units, and how a user-made modification can become 'official' in Targetware's eyes. In fact this fits their goal of having a game which is heavily influenced by those who play it. Here's a clip on the accurate physics designed into the engine: Will flight characteristics be accurately altered based upon damage sustained? How detailed will the damage model be? Will damage be assessed based on where the aircraft is hit or randomly generated?

Sylvan: Every aspect of the flight model can change as an aircraft is damaged. For example, a section of airfoil with a hole in it will produce more drag and less lift, a wing spar can be broken, a fuel tank set on fire, a control surface hinge or pulley shattered. The path of each round through the aircraft is modeled, as is what it hits, how much delivered energy is imparted to what is hit, how the round is deflected and whether the round penetrates to go on to another piece of the aircraft. The distinct effects of putting holes into something as opposed to tearing it apart with massive delivered energy are modeled, as are incendiary effects.

It sounds like the team is leaving no stone unturned, making every effort to make Target Korea as realistic as possible. The game is using OpenGL, which is why it shouldn't be a problem to maintain the Mac version and keep it up-to-date. User-created mods, if made 'official' by Targetware, will be downloadable from their web site. Check out the interview for much more information on the title.

Target Korea is currently in closed beta, but should open up to everyone in a few months. Once the game is finished, it will be a downloadable application with a $10 per month fee. This charge will allow you to play or host servers of your own. Servers should be able to host hundreds of players, depending on your system's requirements and the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

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