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Friday, February 16, 2001

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Preview of Summoner
6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

ActionTrip has posted a new preview which looks at Summoner, the RPG coming from Volition and GraphSim later this spring. The article gives a good overview of the game's story and background, as well as discusses the porting process from the Playstation 2 to the Mac/PC. There will be a few changes between the versions, including an improved interface and the addition of a multiplayer mode. Volition is also having to deal with supporting different graphic cards and APIs. Here's an excerpt:

Thanks to the efforts of the developers many of the visual effects like lighting, shadows, and fog are maintained in the PC version of the game. The weather effects will be present in the game, but they won't change in real-time. They specifically appear according to the scenery in which the missions and quests take place. Locations in Summoner will not be restricted to indoor areas; there's whole range of outdoor regions. In all aspects, PC gamers shouldn't be discouraged by the fact that this will be a conversion from the PS2. Converting the PS2 version to the PC is no simple task for the designers of Summoner. Developers have had a hard time trying to make the game less demanding for the PC technology and at the same time it needed to appear advanced enough to compete with other forthcoming RPG titles. Optimizing the game's performance for the PC platform consists of adapting it to popular graphic cards, which is what the development team is currently undertaking. Graphic features will include a support for three standard resolution modes: 640*480, 800*600, and of course 1024*786. To sum up the graphics bit, Summoner will feature dynamic lighting, highly detailed character models, and level geometry complexity. It uses a 3D graphic engine with a free camera.
Though the preview neglects to mention it, the Mac and PC versions should be nearly identical. GraphSim expect the Mac version to be completed in the coming months, though check out their site for more info.

ActionTrip Preview of Summoner
GraphSim Summoner Web Site
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