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Friday, October 26, 2012
IMG Interviews GOG.com's Trevor Longino
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 7 comments

Inside Mac Games' Justin Ancheta recently spoke with Trevor Longino, Head of Marketing and PR for GOG.com, about the company's addition of Mac friendly versions of many of its popular classic game titles. Among other things the in-depth interview covers Longino's history with the company, what lead to Mac support, and how Mac users have responded to the announcement.

JA: I noticed that for the Mac version of Imperial Glory, you have the version developed by Feral Interactive, which was another company; it was sold and distributed through another company…are you actually going to bring in more companies who’ve made Mac ports like Aspyr, or MacPlay, or MacSoft?

TL: “That I couldn’t really say…what ends up happening is sometimes when you get the rights to sell – well, when we signed all of our games initially we had only Windows rights. So what the year of work has involved is contacting all of our partners and saying, 'Hey we want to start selling Mac games, how do we go about acquiring those rights as well?' Sometimes they say, “Hey, that’s awesome, there’s nothing holding you back from selling our games, so sure, feel free to go ahead.” Sometimes they say, “Sure, you’re welcome to have the Mac rights but you can’t use the already existing Mac port, because we don’t have the rights for the Mac port, so you’ll have to port it yourself instead.” Sometimes they say, “Yes, you may sell Mac games, yes, you may use the port we already developed – here is the port that we own the rights to, even though somebody else developed it,” - so, it’s a very confusing issue. You know, if you want to screw something up, you get lawyers involved. This is a case where I can’t say whether or not we’ll have Aspyr or Mac(Play/Soft) games or anybody else’s product there, simply because I don’t know if anybody else who we have signed with owns the rights to the games that they ported.”

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IMG: GOG.com Interview

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