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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Tiny Troopers Free Zombie Mode Coming This Week
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Iceberg Interactive and Kukouri Mobile Entertainment have announced that a free zombie mode for their squad-based action game Tiny Troopers will become available later this week on digital platforms and as a retail patch. The new mode will include endless waves of zombies, against which players must survive as long as possible. The companies have also released a new trailer showcasing the upcoming zombie mode.

The Tiny Troopers new Zombie mode features will include:Face endless waves of brain-munching zombies, including undead chickens!
  • Utilise air dropped crates of special weapons to lay devastation on the zombie hordes!
  • Use all your favorite Special Forces troopers to take down the undead.
  • Survive as long as you can against unending waves of normal and special zombies!In anticipation of the upcoming release, a brand new teaser trailer has been revealed today to whet your appetite for miniature anti-zombie warfare havoc.

    About Tiny Troopers:
    Tiny Troopers puts you in command of a team of small soldiers. Guide them through 30 deadly missions: destroy enemy armor, escort journalists and eliminate enemy generals to name
    but just a few. You will face enemy infantry, snipers, technical and even tanks. Those lucky troopers who survive from mission to mission will be promoted: each new stripe they gain makes them tougher. To increase their chances of survival, get your troopers better equipment, reinforce them with specialists like machine gunner, medic or delta force and call in support during missions. This is the funniest way to fight in a war!

    Base Features for Tiny Troopers:

    • The safe way to fight in a war: you won't end up in a body bag.
    • Lead your troopers in 30 deadly missions with varied objectives.
    • Face enemies from infantry to snipers and tanks.
    • Reinforce your squad with specialists like machine-gunner, medic and delta force.
    • Keep your troopers alive: they get better after each new rank they gain.
  • Head over to the links below to learn more.

    Tiny Troopers Zombie Mode Traielr
    Tiny Troopers
    Buy Tiny Troopers

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