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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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OOTP 13 'Laundry League' Launched
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Seamheads and OOTP Developments have announced the OOTP 13 "Laundry League," an online simulation league that uses Out of the Park Baseball 13 to stock 30 teams with "the greatest players of all time." Those teams' managers include four ex-Major League pitchers (Don Stanhouse, Jeff Mongtomery, Lary Sorensen, and John D'Acquisto), one ex-minor league pitcher (Vance Tucker), ESPN's Eric Karabell and Jerry Crasnick, and others drawn from the ranks of bloggers, Internet radio hosts, and authors.

The OOTP 13 Laundry League is the brainchild of Seamheads.com founder Mike Lynch, who came up with the idea that each team owner would only know what “laundry” they would represent (which team), but not the players. He said: "I've run online OOTP leagues in the past, so this time I decided to mix it up and let my owners pick their teams but not their players. We'll have the game run the draft and fill the teams, but we'll allow trading, so I'm sure there will be a lot of back-and-forth as everyone tries to lock up their favorites."

The first few rounds of the draft were conducted live on Twitter on October 1, on the @seamheads Twitter feed. The entire draft log is now online – unsurprisingly, Babe Ruth was the first player chosen by OOTP for the St. Louis Cardinals. As the Laundry League gets underway and the schedule starts, its home page will fill with news. The four ex-Major Leaguers who are participating had virtual versions of themselves drafted too (none of them by the teams they’re managing):

    Jeff Montgomery, drafted by the Los Angeles Angels
    Don Stanhouse, drafted by the Cleveland Indians
    John D’Acquisto, drafted by the Chicago Cubs
    Lary Sorensen, drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers
Lynch combed through baseball history to find 1,200 players (720 position players, 480 pitchers) for the Laundry League draft; each team has a 40-man roster. He painstakingly chose the best overall season for each player and used it as the basis for that athlete's OOTP ratings. He explained: "Using Hank Aaron as an example, his 1965 season earned his best ratings, barely edging out his 1959 season. Aaron was very good in 1965, but I chose his '59 season, which was arguably his best."

"Mike worked harder on the Laundry League player list than I did when I was pitching," quipped Lary Sorensen.

"OOTP is such a versatile game that you can do just about anything you want with it, as Mike has shown with his Laundry League," said lead OOTP developer and lifelong baseball fan Markus Heinsohn. "We're thrilled that he chose our game for this endeavor."

“I had the pleasure of working with the very talented OOTP Baseball team when they sponsored my MLB podcast, ‘The Payoff Pitch,’” said Jay Ferraro, who has taken over the New York Yankees. “I was very honored when Seamheads asked me to be a part of this amazing project with some of the finest baseball minds as we celebrate the game’s rich history.”

As the Laundry League season progresses, Lynch will cover the American League action at Seamheads.com while OOTP Developments PR and Marketing Manager Brad Cook will cover the National League action on the OOTP 13 forum. Lynch and Cook will also cross-post articles on each other’s web sites.

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