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Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Planetary Annihilation: Third Highest Funded Kickstarter
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Uber Entertainment recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming real time strategy game, Planetary Annihilation. At over $2.2 million in funding the game becomes the third highest funded Kickstarter project, joining successful titles such as Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2. Featuring "Total Annihilation inspired" gameplay, the game developers intend to offer a new spin on the RTS genre.

Planetary Annihilation brings Real-Time Strategy to a new generation of gamers in a way theyíve never been seen before: Total Annihilation-inspired gameplay on a planetary scale.

We all know that the RTS genre has taken a hit. There just arenít that many quality original RTS games coming out. If you love to play games like Total Annihilation your options are pretty limited. This is where Planetary Annihilation comes in. It is meant to be a truly innovative spin on what RTS games can and should be.

A Solar System Is Your Playground

    Expand your empire to harness the resources of entire solar systems to create vast armies with which to annihilate enemy planets, destroy rival systems and win the Galactic War!
Pick Your Battles
    Play a quick skirmish with a friend on a single planet map with a low unit cap or a 12+ hour game with 40 of your closest frenemies and thousands of units. You can also hone your skills against Planetary Annihilationís AI or team up with a friend against multiple AIís.
Advanced Command and Control
    Planetary Annihilationís order queuing interface allows you to control massive armies spread across multiple worlds with ease. Get strategic views of the action anywhere, anytime by zooming in and out of the war zone, and use split interfaces and multiple windows to keep an eye on multiple battlegrounds at once.
Procedural Planet Creator
    Create custom or randomized maps with our procedural planet creator. Like what you see? Save them and share them with the Planetary Annihilation community.
Streaming Resource Economy
    Use resources to build mega projects. Assign swarms of construction units in realtime to manage your economy. Reclaim wreckage and terrain to quickly regroup after a battle.
War Machine
    Planetary Annihilationís rendering engine is brought to you by the team that developed the rendering engines for Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander. Our engine will allow you to explore vast, new procedural worlds with diverse terrain and build on everything from small, airless rocks to huge earth-type planets. No two maps are exactly alike.
Client-Server Networking Architecture
    Other than Total Annihilation, which was asynchronous, most Real-Time Strategy games use a synchronous networking model, which means that all the computers in a given game are held back by the slowest machine. The Planetary Annihilation engine uses a client-server model so that the ďheavy liftingĒ can be done on a game server, freeing up gamersí machines to engage in bigger battles with more players!
Advanced Modding features
    Create new units, gametypes, maps and planet archetypes. Run your own servers with your own sets of units and game modes.
Head over to the links below to read more about the game.

Planetary Annihilation
Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter
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