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Thursday, February 15, 2001

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Avernum 2 Interview
8:49 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

RPG Vault has posted an interview with Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software about his latest title, Avernum 2. The title is Mac-first (having been released in December), but a Windows version should also be available this year, so your PC friends will be able to play soon enough. It's a great interview, covering many parts of both Avernum 2 and Jeff's general game design philosophy. Quite a few tidbits are thrown out about Avernum 3 as well, which is also expected to be available for the Mac either later this year or early in 2002. This game will continue and complete the remake of the Exile series, giving Exile 3 a facelift and other features.

Also mentioned is GeneForge, a new engine Vogel has been cooking up concurrently with his Avernum work. Here's an excerpt with more about it:

Jonric: You've told us previously that Geneforge will be your first science fiction-based game and that you're building a new engine for it. What more can you tell us about this project and its current status?

Jeff Vogel: First, grim news. Though I promised a science fiction game for a long time, I am now leaning towards making Geneforge a fantasy game with science fiction elements. I know some people will be disappointed in this, but I was just finding, the more design I did, that it was just more suited to a fantasy setting.

That said, Geneforge will be an all-new game with an all-new real-time engine. The characters will be fully animated. Combat will be turn-based, much like Fallout. In Geneforge, the player plays one of a powerful and elite sect of wizards, who have developed the art and science of creating new life forms.

The player will control one main character and a band of creatures, which the main character makes. The player can create a band of creatures with different specialties and either use them for a long time (during which they will gain experience and grow stronger) or absorb them and create different creatures with different abilities (which may be more suited to the situation at hand). Or the player can save the energy used to make the creatures and be more powerful (but alone).

It's neat stuff, and I think it'll be a cool game. I hope to release the first screenshots and PR in the next month or two.

Having Spiderweb produce a Fallout-like title seems to be a great idea, and we're behind them all the way. Check out the rest of the Q&A for much more. Demos of many of Jeff's products are available at MacGameFiles.com.

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