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Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Firearms Expansion Set To Overhaul Terra Militaris
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gala Networks Europe has announced the upcoming release of Firearms, a new expansion for the history-based real time strategy MMO, Terra Militaris. The expansion will add the era of gunpowder to the game and will include new units and gameplay features.

Terra Militaris: Firearms, scheduled to launch this Autumn on English, French, German and Polish servers, adds the era and destructive power of gunpowder to the history-based strategy gameplay of Terra Militaris: new units, pets and equipment, increased building and research options, as well as a new crafting system are some of the new features.
The new trailer, which already shows some in-game scenes of the new features, is available in our press center.

In Firearms, thanks to the gunpowder, players will now be able to additionally train the so-called Hackbuteers, specially trained and armed riflemen, and build cannons, that surely will improve their tactical options and winning stakes.

But thatís not all: Through the completely new pet system, players will be able to add even more extra strength to their troops: For the first time in Terra Militaris, the expansion Firearms will allow virtual warlords to tame, summon and train mighty and ferocious battle creatures that will accompany them on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Firearmís new crafting system adds smithing and cooking features to the game, and allows players to arm their troops with new weapons and armours. Keeping the troops well fed will grant additional bonuses.

With the expansion, building and research levels will be increased to 25, and the hero level cap will be set to 120. Firearms will also allow a faster era progression.

Building and researching will see an overhaul, too: Waiting times for building and completing researches will be replaced with a cool down feature. Training troops will be immediate.

Firearmsí new arena ranking system allows players to choose and challenge players of a specific rank for the top position, and gives them the opportunity to win rewards every day, depending on their standing.

Also completely new to Terra Militaris is the 10 vs. 10 battle system, in which heroes of the same nation team up to fight in groups of 10 against each other. Only heroes are allowed to participate, the minimum level to enter these special battles is 50.

Packed full of new units, powerful heroes and advanced features, Firearms is a massive new version of Terra Militaris, launching this fall. Gala Networks Europe will announce further details regarding the launch soon.

For all fans of the classic Terra Militaris gameplay, Gala Networks Europe will keep the existing servers running and offer both the options to either enjoy the new, extended Firearms gameplay features, or play the classic Terra Militaris.

Learn more at the links below.

Gala Networks Europe
Terra Militaris

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