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Wednesday, February 14, 2001
Force Feedback Coming to Mac OS
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IMG's recent preview of the MacAlly iShock II gamepad, which supports force-feedback much like Sony's DualShock PlayStation controllers, has uncovered a surprising revelation: Force feedback support is coming to the Mac OS, in a big way. While gamers and developers have long cried out for support for the huge variety of force feedback devices on the market, Apple has been surprisingly obstinate in refusing to include or develop this technology for InputSprockets. According to our interview with Andy Chen of MacAlly, his company got tired of waiting around and developed their own force-feedback SDK (software development kit) which has been welcomed by developers big and small. Here's an excerpt:

MacAlly: Developers have been extremely positive in supporting our SDK for implementing FFB on the Mac. All developers we have approached are, thus far, receptive to the idea of implementing the FFB feature into upcoming and current games.

IMG: What software titles currently support FFB on the Mac?

MacAlly: Ambrosia [Software]'s Aperion and Ferazel's Wand are the first titles to support FFB, thanks to the help of Ambrosia's Ben Spees. Ambrosia said that they will implement FFB into all their future games.

Andy also mentions Freeverse Software, Aspyr, Connectix, and MacSoft as companies who are interested in implementing FFB in their products. The MacAlly SDK is also Mac OS X-compatible, so even though Apple has no clear plans to support FFB with their own APIs in Mac OS X, titles using MacAlly's version will continue to function. Read the rest of our preview of this exciting peripheral for more details; the interview is on pages 2 and 3.

MacAlly iShock II Preview

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