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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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Brian Fargo 'Kicking Ass' On Wasteland 2
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 6 comments has posted a new interview with inXile Entertainment's Brian Fargo. The developer discussed progress on the company's upcoming Wasteland 2 in light of its freedom from "corporate interruption." A sequel to the classic post-apocalyptic RPG of the 80's, Wasteland 2 will be a top down, turn-based, tactical RPG that the developers promise will "stay true to its roots."

"We've been working on Wasteland 2 for about 100 days, with no distractions from any kind of corporate overlord," he said. "We have hundreds of pages of design done, we have our first music in, we have our basic UI up-and-running, and we've taken our first screenshots.

"The bottom line is that, without any interruption, we're kicking ass."


"People ask why we chose Unity, and it has a lot of technical positives, but really, for me, it came down to the store, the communication and the sharing of knowledge. That's the real power of Unity; it's not the technical aspects. You can't beat the crowd."

The current build of Wasteland 2 uses 49 different assets from Unity's Asset Store, and Fargo expects that number to reach 500 by the time the game ships. This sharing of expertise has allowed InXile to make rapid progress, and get the most out of its budget.

For the full interview follow the link below. Brian Fargo Discusses Wasteland 2
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