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Wednesday, February 14, 2001
Target Korea Movie Released
9:43 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Earlier in the week, we brought you word on a new mutliplatform, online flight sim called Target Korea that is set to come to the Mac OS. Now a movie of the in-game action is available in the form of a 7MB MPEG. It shows about 45 seconds of a Mig-15bis performing some aerial maneuvers above the Korean setting. The physics look impressive, though you'll have to grab the movie yourself to judge. The movie was made by Brendan "brendo" Poga, well known for his movies in the Warbird (another online flight sim) community. In case you're wondering what Target Korea is all about, here's a clip from Targetware with more details:

The Targetware series is based upon new physics engine created by Sickware,
located in San Francisco, California. It blends an exceptionally secure and
unique development architecture together with direct "hands-on" community
participation, in order to create a potential (250+) player on-line
environment which essentially has been designed by the customer base itself.
With an open architecture approach to graphics, flight models, terrains and
even servers, Targetware combines extensibility and customization with a
high-fidelity flight simulator, that insures that everyone is playing by the
same rules. Targetware is the "branding" identifier for the engine and the
series of products that are being built under it. For example, the first of
the series will be titled Target Korea and will feature the Mig 15bis versus
the F86f-30 Sabre. Target Korea is currently undergoing closed beta testing
and is expected to be in open beta within 90 days.
It's great to see another impressive title like this make it to the Mac, especially in the grossly neglected genre of flight sims. And it looks like this will be just the first in a long line of Target- titles from the company. Stay tuned to IMG, as we'll bring you more info on the game as it nears open beta later this spring.

Update: Swamped servers have forced Targetware to remove the MPEG version, but another mirror at SimHQ is now listed for the ZIP file.

Targetware Web Site
IMG News: Targetware Aims at the Mac
Download Target Korea Movie as ZIP (6MB)
Mirror of Target Korea Movie as Zip (6MB)
Target Korea

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