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Wednesday, February 14, 2001
Myth II Maps and Units... For Myth I?
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Project Magma is an interesting new Myth group looking to bring units and maps from Myth 2: Soulblighter to the original Myth: The Fallen Lords. Why would anyone want to take this seemingly backwards step? Well, the original game had lower system requirement, so those who wanted to play Myth II but can't afford to upgrade their hardware can do so. More importantly, many TFL purists also prefer the original's user interface and physics. Here's a clip from the press release with details:

'Project Magma', a team of TFL diehards, has released four quick-to-download co-op maps based on solo level TFL games, re-scripted with M2 units. The co-ops focus players to work on seriously demanding teamplay. In addition, the Magma team has created an M2-stocked, 33-map sequel to the Clan of the Bear's landmark 'Unity' series, and have ported the M2 "Lands" maps to TFL with original and brand new variants.

Four co-ops, based on TFL solo levels "Ambush at Devil's Overlook", "Flight from Covenant", Shadow of the Mountain" and "Forest Heart", have been overhauled to test the most disciplined of teams. Near-impossible played solo, these maps have been stocked with powerful M2 units, souped up TFL units, and a horrifyingly vast host of enemy units waiting to exercise a team of 3-5 players in strategy, communication and adaptation. The maps weigh in between 0.1 and 2.2MB (zipped), so they are set to be the best bandwidth-friendly training tool any group of hardcore players could use for tournament-level practice.

'Project Magma' began in February 2000 with the intention of enlivening TFL netplay by porting M2 units, models and maps to TFL. This means several of M2's units are able to use TFL's more streamlined game engine, making enjoyable M2 games less dependent on high-end hardware. Some compromises had to be made, but Magma maps continue to be the most-played third-party maps on TFL today.

Check out the official Project Magma web site for more information and to download some of the new maps. Be prepared to scratch your head, though -- their bias against Myth II and its engine is bordering on jihad.

Project Magma Web Site

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