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Monday, August 6, 2012

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Atlantis II Released At MGS
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story recently added Atlantis II from Anuman Interactive to its growing list of game titles available for purchase. The adventure game allows players to explore the lands of Tibet, China, Yacartan, Ireland, Atlantis, and the mystical land of Shambhala.

A power that came from outer space, represented in Atlantis by the Cube, was offered to the people who were later to become the Atlantides. Thanks to its contribution, this civilization enjoyed a meteoric development.

On the island of Spitzberg, this people divided the power of the Cube into two parts, one light, the other dark. A war then broke out between the partisans of the two camps and the Darkness was conquered and confined to a metal head. All decided that in future they would keep the parts separate. Some, refusing that the head be kept, created a scission. While the majority went to live on the island of Atlantis, the “anti-head” camp preferred to go off in another direction and, after a stopover in Muria to restore the Light half to the Cube, they set up in Shambhala.

Centuries later, on Atlantis, Creon did the unthinkable: he dug up the head and freed the Darkness once again. In Muria, Seth, the hero of Atlantis, took the Light within himself and vanquished the Darkness once more.

Later the people of Shambhala became the guardians of the Darkness. As for the Light, it passed from Seth to one of his children and to many of his descendants. These oblivious bearers were all travelers, vagabonds, searching for something they could not name.

Ideally, the Shambhalans would have liked the two parts of the whole, Light and Darkness, to be joined together. But they have always feared that the Darkness might overcome the Light, so they prefer to keep the two halves far from each other, the Darkness well guarded in Shambhala and the Light hidden and forgotten.

Did the appearance of the Crab Supernova awaken the two halves? Is this a sign? A cause or a consequence? Darkness and Light, each seeks to integrate the other. Which of the two will be dominant?

Atlantis II requires an Intel Mac running Mac OS X 10.4 or later and is available now for $11.99 (USD).

Atlantis II
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