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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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Civilization V: Gods & Kings Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story has posted a new review of Sid Meier's Civilization V: Gods & Kings, the recently released expansion for the popular civilization building strategy title. The expansion "takes players from founding the first Pantheon of the Gods and spreading religion across the world, to deploying spies in enemy cities to steal information and technology, and much more."

When I started reviewing Gods and Kings it had been a long time since I had played and reviewed the original Civilization V—so long in fact that I couldn’t even tell the old from the new. To keep it simple, here’s a (semi-)quick rundown of the new features:
  • New Game Scenarios: Three new scenarios include the medieval period, the fall of Rome, and Empires of the Smoky Skies, a Victorian steampunk scenario complete with a unique tech tree and technologies.
  • Faith & Religion: A big new addition to Civilization V, Faith lets you choose a Pantheon of the Gods and create Great Prophets to found and spread your customized religion across the world. (Spaghetti Monsterism, anyone? Don’t worry, there’s a mod for that.)
  • A reworked combat system and AI (artificial intelligence) that places more emphasis on a balanced army composition.
  • Naval options: There are two different types of ships types, melee and ranged, making coastal cities vulnerable to a surprise naval attack;
  • Enhanced Diplomacy and Espionage: You can establish embassies at foreign courts for closer ties or clandestine operations. And as religions of the world start settling in and the world moves into the Renaissance, you can unlock spies to spy on foreign cities, steal advanced technologies from your strongest competitors, gain influence with City-States through election rigging, or even start a coup;
  • New City-States: There are two new city-state types—Mercantile and Religious. They can provide new types of quests and, more importantly, give you one more thing to conquer.
  • 27 new units, 13 new buildings
  • 9 new civilizations such as Carthage, Netherlands, the Celts, and the Maya, each with unique buildings and traits.
  • 9 new leaders including William I, Prince of Orange, Boudicca and Pacal the Great.
  • 9 new Wonders and effects including Neuschwanstein, the Great Mosque of Djenne, the Terracotta Army, the Great Firewall, and the Hubble Space Telescope.
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