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Monday, February 12, 2001
MacMoorhuhn Shooting Game Released
4:51 PM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

Rene Trost, best known for his system benchmark ThroughPut, has completed a port of Moorhuhn, a Duck Hunt-like (if you remember from the days of NES) shooting game. In Moorhuhn, you are given a minute and a half to shoot down as many chickens as possible, all while avoiding planes and hot air balloons. And yes, these chickens fly!

Moorhuhn was written in 100% PowerPC assembler and features 6-layer
parallax scrolling graphics and 3D sound. The game requires a PPC
with 32 MB RAM, MacOS 8.6 and DrawSprocket 1.7.3 or later to run. In Germany, the game has been downloaded over 5000 times in three days.

For more information, visit the MacMoorhuhn website. Although it's currently in German, Rene tells us that the site will be translated to English soon. You can download the freeware game at MacGameFiles.

Download MacMoorhuhn at MGF
MacMoorhuhn Website

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