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Monday, February 12, 2001
Myth III Team Interview at
9:36 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story has opened their doors to the world as one of the first real fansites for the upcoming game Myth III: The Wolf Age. As part of the in the site-opening is an interview with Mumbo Jumbo (nee Ritual) developers "Santa's Head," "iggy the popp" and "fisj" -- three names that will be quite familiar to those who download maps and mods for Myth I and II. Included in the first part of this interview are details about the team's choice to use the potentially-outdated Myth II engine and many other subjects. Here is an excerpt:

MWA: As part of the Microsoft buyout of Bungie, GoD got the use of the Halo engine for two possible games. What made the Myth II engine the choice over this much wanted and anticipated Halo engine for Myth III?

Santa's Head: Two factors really: First, the Halo engine won't be out for a very long time. Second, Scott wrote up a proposal for Take 2 to look at and together with Mark and Ron from Ritual, formed Mumbo Jumbo, which beat out four other companies for the rites to do "Myth III." The other companies wanted to do some interesting things, like making Myth III a mostly resource based game, which may have gotten an 'odd' community response.

Although Myth III is still in early development, their aggressive release schedule will supposedly allow the game to be on shelves in Christmas of 2001. Watch for the second half of this interview, coming soon.
Myth III: The Wolf Age Official Web Site

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