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Monday, February 12, 2001
Mac DoomLegacy 1.0 Released; Heretic Next?
8:43 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Over the weekend, programmer Calum Robinson released version 1.0 of his OpenGL Mac DoomLegacy project. This version should fix a few more bugs from the previous build, though he still plans on updating DoomLegacy with networking, OS X support, and to keep it current with the PC version of the game. Since the source code is free, he considers the game Post-card-ware and asks any and all who enjoy it to send him a note. The address is included in the game's ReadMe file. Certain incompatibilities may exist between the application and other extensions like SnapzPro or Norton Utilities, so if you have troubles try cleaning your system extensions folder.

DoomLegacy is also capable of running other third-party mods like the Goldeneye (a take-off of the N64 version of the game). Installation is just a matter of placing the two wad files in your folder (in this case, gold64.wad and ge64levs.wad), and adding "-file
gold64.wad ge64levs.wad" to the commandline.cfg text file. The same should work with other mods out there.

Another update to the DoomLegacy page includes three screen shots of what appears to be Heretic, with only the words "What you can expect soon" given as an explanation. Heretic was originally a PC-only game by Raven Software, though it was open-sourced (much like id has done with Doom and Quake 1) so that 3rd party developers could tinker and enhance its code. When it was originally released, Brad Oliver (of Westlake Interactive and MacMAME fame) ported the game to the Mac. Now it appears Robinson is taking it up as another project, likely adding OpenGL support and other features missing from the original. When more concrete details are learned, we'll be sure to pass them along. For now, you can grab DoomLegacy 1.0 at Macgamefiles and check out Brad Oliver's page to download his earlier version of Heretic.

OpenGL Mac DoomLegacy Web Site
Download Mac DoomLegacy 1.0
Mac Heretic Web Site

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Archives  News  Mac DoomLegacy 1.0 Released; Heretic Next?