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Friday, June 8, 2012

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Loren: Amazon Princess Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Just Adventure recently posted a new review of Winter Wolves's Loren: Amazon Princess. In the game players take the role of either Saren or Elenor as they attempt to aid the princess Loren discover what happened to her missing mother, Queen Karen.

From the review:

What makes Loren fun to play is that it manages to be both a true casual game and a true turn-based RPG at once. Its extremely light on its feet loading times are nonexistent, and saving happens instantaneously. You can save any time you like, so the game has a pick-up and put-down quality that is a breeze.

Plus its an honest-to goodness role-playing game.

Your party can consist of, at most, six members at a time. You meet a colorful band of characters in your adventures, and you end up with far more than the maximum of six, and so you get to decide how you switch the party members in and out, which you can do before every battle.

Battles are turn-based, with both your party and the enemies lining up in two rows melee in front, casters and ranged in back.

Characters level up individually, and upon leveling, you get extra stat points to spend, as well talent trees to invest in (each character has access to two talent trees). The skills you invest in are meaningful and you can really see and feel how they affect combat.

Head over to the site below to read more.

Loren: Amazon Princess
Just Adventure: Loren Amazon Princess

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