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Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Divinity: Original Sin Previewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

IGN has posted a new preview of Larian Studios' upcoming Divinity: Original Sin, a new role playing game for Mac and Windows set in the world of the Divinity Series. The article includes discussion of the game's unique cooperative conversation options, the depth of its combat options, and Larian's plans to provide a full featured editor.

This kind of incredibly in depth development extends to the combat, too. Despite being turn based, itís impressively fluid, based heavily around use and manipulation of the elements. Cast a rain spell and youíll create a puddle that can then be electrified, evaporated or frozen, each with their own appropriate effects. Thereís even the threat of slipping up on the ice, knocking yourself over for a turn. Despite being relatively simple with its elements, itís obvious that there is that breadth of experimentation that made, say, Magicka so successful.

All this leaves Larian with an incredibly versatile engine that allows players to pick up and move around anything that isnít nailed down, creating make shift barricades in the middle of a fight, or just shoving anything grabbable into their inventory. Gamers are hoarders, after all. Couple that with a game that recognises that hoarding instinct, and plays off it, and suddenly you feel awfully involved in this world. Like youíre a part of it. And thatís why we play RPGs, after all. To lose ourselves to a world.

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IGN: Divinity Original Sin Preview
Divinity: Original Sin
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