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Monday, February 12, 2001

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New Info on Myst 3 Ages
9:19 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The official Myst III: Exile web site has been updated with new information regarding the five Ages, or worlds, within the game. Each of the five Ages has a short description and its own section of the site's image gallery. Though some of the galleries contain only a few images, the shots are stunnning, and very much worth a look for any Myst or Riven fan. Here's a quick break-down of the first three of the five:

  • Tomahna: Atrus and Catherine's new home, Tomahna sits like a flowering oasis at the edge of a rolling desert landscape.
  • J'nanin: Sometimes described as a rock-climber's paradise, J'nanin is an elliptical-shaped island in which towering granite cliffs and strange, tusk-like formations surround a freshwater caldera.
  • Voltaic: Voltaic is a dusty world of sand and sky, water and wind; a place where strange obviously manmade constructions poke out of an otherwise dry and desolate landscape.
  • For the rest of the info and to check out the screen shots, head to the Myst III: Exile site. The game is currently sheduled for a simultaneous Mac and PC release on April 16, but this date has moved several times; we'll keep you posted if anything new on that date appears. Be sure to check out IMG's preview of the game for the full scoop on the new technologies and storyline being used in this threequel.

    Myst III: Exile Ages
    IMG Preview of Myst III: Exile
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    Myst III: Exile
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