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Monday, July 3, 2000

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Q3F Updates to Beta E
12:20 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

This popular Quake 3 Arena mod, Quake 3 Fortress, has reached another Beta version. While fixing numerous bugs with their latest VM files, the team has also include some new features, such as a new map and a little taste of Beta 2 which (if all goes according to plan) should include bot support. IMG has tested the update on Mac Q3A and it works perfectly. Here is a list of the new additions made by this update:

  • Added 3 new beta maps - q3f_32smooth, q3f_r8duel1 and q3f_thepit.
  • Added an updated version of q3f_well, resolving previous FPS issues in Beta1d
    Completely rewritten bezier spline functions
  • Added 'g_execMapConfigs' so that servers can run map specific configurations (such as recuding max players when a vote for a smaller map occurs).
  • Added 'cg_atmosphericEffects'; setting to 0 disables all atmospheric effects (such as rain) which should improve FPS for lower spec systems
  • Added 'g_mapVoteIncludeList' and 'g_mapVoteExcludeList', with the exclude list having priority. This new CVAR enables server admins to include or exclude maps from the map voting screen ensuring for example, that a 20 player server wouldnt end up with a 4 player dueling map being voted for.
  • Added 'g_teamKillRules', setting to 0 disables tk banning, to 1 results in faster bans, 2 has the default settings
  • Added 'tell_teamtarget' command
  • Added a new q3f team credits menu

  • Recently the Q3F team merged with Team Arena, which should certainly speed up the development of Quake 3 Fortress. You can find this new beta at MacGameFiles, an excellent source for all the latest Q3A and UT mods.

    Download Q3F beta 1E
    Quake 3 Fortress

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