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Monday, May 14, 2012

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Heroes Of Newerth: Mid Wars Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

S2 Games has announced the release of Mid Wars, a new game mode for its multiplayer action RPG, Heroes of Newerth. Based on a popular custom game mode, Mid Wars is designed to give players a high action, low stress experience on a new map.

For those unfamiliar with this new game mode, allow us to explain. Historically speaking, the Mid Wars movement began with players hosting games of HoN on the Forests of Caldavar using only the middle lane (with the top and bottom lanes ignored) and all the action centralized at the middle of the map. What made Mid Wars such a compelling experience was that respawn times were turned off, meaning that once a player died, he or she was almost immediately thrust back into the action and lived to battle it out in teamfight, after teamfight. The result was high action, low stress gameplay that we aimed to capture and expand upon throughout the Mid Wars development process.

This excellent community-created idea was just dying to be made official with a standard rule-set, its very own Matchmaking system, and a change of pace from the normal HoN experience that people have enjoyed since HoN was released two years ago. Consider Mid Wars as a reprieve from the intensity that can arise from playing Forests of Caldavar time and time again or as a low pressure game mode designed to encourage you to try out new heroes you may be unfamiliar with. We have worked with the community to capture what made playing "All Mid" great and fun while taking it to the next level with creative and intelligent design decisions that improve on the current model.

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Heroes Of Newerth: Mid Wars
Mid Wars Trailer
Heroes Of Newerth

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