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Thursday, February 8, 2001
Shadowbane Mac Beta, Details
6:00 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The log of a recent chat conducted by Crossroads of Shadowbane with two developers from Wolfpack Studios reveals that plans for an expanded Mac OS beta test of their MMORPG Shadowbane are afoot. It turns out that one of the core programmers for the project is a diehard Mac user, and the company is entirely behind the Mac version of their upcoming title.

Shadowbane is a massively multiplayer game with a difference -- rather than try to limit "player killing" or brand killers as outcasts, the game makes conquering your foes on a massive scale the primary goal. With the constant threat of attack all around, players will be forced to band into clans and guilds, creating the possibility of epic, pitched battles for territory rather than typical bounty-hunting or "PKing" for loot. There will also be plenty of monsters and NPCs to hack-and-slash for good old-fashioned party adventuring in a persistent online world. The all-new graphics engine will allow hundreds of characters to be onscreen at the same time, and can reduce the amount of detail to maintain a decent frame rate on your system.

The game recently reached the beta stage, with 50 lucky beta testers currently checking the game for bugs and gameplay balance issues. However, as the chat conducted with Wolfpack's VP of marketing Todd Coleman (known as Warden online) and another development team member reveals, Mac users aren't shut out of the party -- a limited number of Mac users are already among the 50, but Wolfpack wants to add more of them to the mix by expanding the beta pool. This information hasn't been 100% confirmed, and there is some suggestion that the Mac beta may be held until the PC and Mac versions have matured another phase, but we are hopeful this beta will be sooner than later -- Wolfpack is eager to get this title on store shelves.

Here are some excerpts from the chat; "Warden_WP" and "Ashen_Temper" are Wolfpack team members:

4:03 PM: Warden_WP: We'll be making another beta signup announcement for Mac players very soon.

4:03 PM: Ashen_Temper: In other words, go buy a Mac... hehe =-)

4:03 PM: slvrswrd: great go buy a way fast macintosh to play on

4:03 PM: Elghin: Doh!!! I thought Mac and PC were starting off at the same time? Same sign up!!!

4:03 PM: Ashen_Temper: http://shadowbane.godgames.com/sacrifice/beta.html

4:04 PM: slvrswrd: will my mac classic beable to play SB. =) JK

4:04 PM: Warden_WP: Pere : We'll be contacting people via email with download information, as we hit the different phases. Most people will be pulled in after Limited Beta.
The IRC chat contains much more information about the game (along with a fair amount of mild Mac bashing) and is a worthwhile read for interested parties.

While we are still waiting for confirmation on the particulars of the Mac beta test, we understand from our sources that the "CTO" (Chief Technology Officer?) of Wolfpack, Robert Marsa, is a Mac fan and programmer. The staff overall seem quite enthusiastic about a Mac version of this MMORPG, and find the Mac market to be a vital target often overlooked by other games of the genre. Watch this space for more details on Mac Shadowbane in the near future, and visit Crossroads of Shadowbane for detailed information about the game taken from discussions from developers and beta testers of this title.

Shadowbane Web Site
Crossroads of Shadowbane
IRC Chat at Crossroads of Shadowbane
Wolfpack Studios

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