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Wednesday, February 7, 2001
Myth III Details Surface
10:09 AM | Tom Bridge | Comment on this story

Fisj, one of Myth III: The Wolf Age's developers, has posted at Vistacartel.com's Myth II Mapmakers forum with details some of the upcoming changes in the engine for the upcoming prequel. Specifically, he is addressing concerns expressed by Myth II map makers who wanted to know exactly what will be different for their favorite hobby, considering the modified engine Myth III will add to this venerable title. Here is an excerpt:

Major change will be sprites to 3d. Apart from 16bit colourmaps and detail maps, terrain will likley remain fairly similar. Water will also receive an overhaul, likley to be transparent. As mentioned below you'll have to consider and paint the bottom of a body of water (rocks/boulders/bicycles) too :)

Terrain will remain the sameish.

Models will take after units and also receive an update. I imagine since the models will all be using tiki [ed note: this is Ritual's character animation system, also seen in Heavy Metal: FAKK2] then scenery will me animatable as well. No more funky models which require vegasing and custom apps to run.

Tools will be similar, but redone and merged according to Andrew. Anyone for floathing? :)

Sounds and tags will remain largely similar. Will take out some oddities and annoyances as we see fit.

Scripting will have some tweaks and bugs fixed. We'll also add some necessary scripts for m3. I would like to see some other simple but powerful changes implemented. Hell ... we have a virtual novel of feature creeps that the level designers and artists have listed. It all depends on how fast we work, time at end to implement things etc.

Making myth levels will not be as easy as quake editing, but then again, it never was. If you're competent at making myth levels now, then it won't be a large learning curve for m3 imho.

The next game in the Myth series, Myth III: The Wolf Age, will boast new 3D characters and all sorts of other goodies; for more details on this title (still in early development) take a spin through IMG's news archives.

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