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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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StarCraft II Community Questions Answered
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Blizzard Entertainment has posted a new list of answers to fan quetions about multiplayer balance issues in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. The real-time strategy game continues the story of the Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss with an expanded single player campaign, and features all new units and strategies for multiplayer fans to explore.

Terran Can’t Beat Protoss

We don’t think this is an accurate assessment of the matchup because win/loss ratios are swinging both ways. This is especially true at league levels below Masters. That said, we have noticed that terran at lower skill levels are underperforming a bit, especially vs. zerg and somewhat vs. protoss. We suspect that the initial complexity of the terran race may be a contributing factor to this, so internally, we’re experimenting with moving some of the new terran units around to make terran slightly more intuitive to play -- at lower levels only.

Just as an example, one of the things we’re experimenting with is making the battle hellion available from the factory instead of the normal hellion. Much as vikings come from the starport in flight mode, hellions would emerge from the factory as battle hellions by default, and players could then opt to transform them into the faster, but more fragile, normal Hellion. One downside is that higher level players have found this frustrating in certain situations, especially when trying to get the jump on zerg opponents, but our general philosophy is that we’re not afraid of making the game more difficult to master at the highest levels. Of course, this isn’t a final decision, just an example of one idea we’ve tried out.

Check out the full review at the link below.

StarCraft II: Questions From The Community
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