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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

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Introversion Puts Subversion On Hold
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 8 comments

In a new blog post Introversion recently revealed it has put Subversion on hold to pursue a new game title. Although the company plans to return to the game at some point it will likely be in a new form. Subversion would have offered players the chance to control a team of skilled operatives seeking to complete missions in hostile high security buildings.

This new idea was fully formed, just like DEFCON, just like Uplink. I could see most of the core game design straight away. I could see how much of the tech that wed designed for Subversion was directly applicable, if properly turned on its head. And within an hour or two, Id made up my mind. I went old-school and bought a blank notebook, the first time Ive used one since Uplink, and spent most of the ten hour flight home writing it all down. Those first 10 pages written on that flight are the design bible that we still stick to today.

And like that, the decision that should have been incredibly difficult was made. We dont have the manpower to do multiple projects, so it was one game or the other, and I had no trouble convincing Mark and Tom which way I wanted to go.

Subversion has not been cancelled, but I would certainly forget about it for now. We will be going back to that project eventually, but the first thing I plan to do is gut the thing from top to bottom of all the tech fluff that we forced in over the years. Without a core game its all a worthless distraction, and I will NEVER again spend so long making tech for a game without having a solid core game in place first. Subversion needs a total rethink from top to bottom, and some long standing sacred cows need slaughtering.

Check out the full blog post at the link below.

Introversion Blog: Subversion Delayed, New Game
Introversion Software

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