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Monday, April 4, 2011

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The Sims Medieval Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Atomic Gamer recently posted a new review of the Windows version of The Sims Medieval. The latest incarnation of the Sims franchise allows players to create heroes, venture on quests, build and control a kingdom, and play every Hero Sim character in the land. Atomic Gamer gave the game a score of 8 out of 10.

The first step is choosing an “ambition”, although at first the only ambition available to you is “New Beginnings”, which entails building and populating your kingdom. Once your ambition is chosen, you choose a preset monarch or custom create one of your own and he or she then represents your very first hero. Heroes are the cornerstone of The Sims Medieval; there are ten total and each one is attached to a specific building. Of course, the monarch is attached to the castle and there can do all those good monarch-y things like passing edicts, holding court, writing laws and sending people to the stocks. As a holdover from previous Sims games, heroes still have to eat and sleep and depending on the three traits you choose for them (actually, two traits and one fatal flaw), they also have to guzzle alcohol, gamble, chit-chat or hit on everything that moves in order to stay healthy and happy. Keeping healthy, well-balanced heroes may not be of much interest to you personally, but with The Sims Medieval’s new quest-based gameplay, it's a veritable must.

Quests are bought with quest points; you start out with a set number of these and level your heroes by purchasing quests and sending them out to perform them. An onscreen success gauge monitors your hero's progress during the quest and this rating is determined not only by how quickly they perform the quest tasks but how well they keep up with their daily responsibilities. A monarch for instance, might have to find the time to hear three petitions and write a treaty of ongoing peace in and around her quest tasks; if these responsibilities are shirked, she gets an automatic debuff that affects her focus, thus making quest task completion more difficult. Other debuffs can be earned by failing to eat or sleep, by losing a fist fight, (or in my randy queen's case, by failing to woohoo often enough.) Fortunately, these negative effects can be countered by doing things your hero enjoys as well as taking care of responsibilities and doing crazy things like say, bathing. Maintaining a high success level may seem like sort of a hassle but it's important since it directly affects the quality of your quest rewards.
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