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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Valve Software And Steam For Mac Discussed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 3 comments has posted a new article about Valve Software's Steam service and the impact of the release of a Mac version earlier this year. In the article Valve's development director Jason Holtman and marketing VP Dough Lombardi discussed the reaction so far of customers and developers to the Mac version of Steam.

You were saying developers were making some forward movement in OSX based on this, so does that mean there are a bunch of upcoming games that are much more Mac-orientated that they others would have been? When can we expect to see the results of that?
Jason Holtman: Oh yeah, it's been a great reaction from the development community. I think a lot of people, myself included, were Mac guys once upon a time, and we were forced over to the PC if we really wanted to be in games. I can actually remember the Fall of 95 or 96 when I finally gave up, when the original Windows era was just coming in to replace the old DOS days and Apple was sort of falling part, the wheels were coming off. So a lot of people are in their history somewhat fanboys or have a relationship with the Mac, so when they hear that it's coming back or there's something that can bring that back, they're sort of excited in a nostalgic way.

And then there's the business side of it, hey this is another platform. And it's a viable one there are a lot of people that are getting Macs that you hear about, whether it's a mobile Mac or a new iMac or whatever have you. There's a renaissance in the Mac space and games should be part of that. The reaction that we've got from the development community is that this could be a big ingredient towards that renaissance. People have both a business motivation as well as a personal motivation to see games on the Mac. They want to play them themselves. I have a Mac in my house, and when we started putting the games on Steam it was a great convenience just for me personally and selfishly. We're hearing it from indies all the way up to the big guys.
Read the full article at the site linked below. Valve On Mac Gaming
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