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Friday, July 16, 2010
SplashFighters Updated
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

CyberStep has announced a major update for its 3D real time fighting game, SplashFighters. The console style fighting game update features a new Jungle level, an offline mode, and graphic improvement such as screen resolution display, in-game cut-in effects, character stats, new accessories, and special events.

Brawl íem all!
The goal of the game is to knock-out your opponents using a wide range of attack moves, weapons, hand-to-hand combat, superhuman powers, etc. The game features a complete character customization system with an original skin editor, a variety of game modes and maps, and the ability to fight solo or co-op. Watch out! Attacks can come from all sides!
Fight Solo or in Co-op and if you need some training first, simply try out the new offline mode. Use your best reflexes to attack from all sides and join up to 8 players online!
Use your weapons, grab some exclusive and new items during fights! New and powerful items will be available every day during this summer.

Welcome to the Jungle!
Whether itís your first time in the popular Anime-style game or if you are a previously active player, SplashFighters has a lot to offer. New jungle challenge level is available today and itís the best way for new players to discover the super speed combat universe where users can create and customize their avatar using a skin editor, choose their own fighting style among 100,000 possibilities Ė take a try at the Sumo style and crush enemies with your belly!
The new Jungle Challenge Level, like already available levels, invites players to fight with up to 8 players in easy, normal, or hard mode! Get ready to rumble into the savage worlds with friends where some heavily armed enemies must be destroyed!

Fighters, come back!
Previously active players can discover and enjoy several improvements including the opportunity to play offline. Not only they can enjoy the new Jungle challenge level using their past experience to manipulate the weapons and to gain missions, but they will also discover the improved resolutions, the new game interface, and brand new items and weapons such as the Phantom Chrome Bit.
Head over to the link below to learn more about the game.


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