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Thursday, July 1, 2010
Apple Games Features OnLive
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 2 comments

Apple Games has posted a new feature article exploring OnLive, the new "cloud gaming" service which promises to do away with hardware upgrades and platform requirements for those with broadband internet connections. The article includes commentary from OnLive CEO Steve Perlman about the new service.

His team eventually figured out low latency video compression, but they had to add two tricks along the way, one high-tech and the other straight out of a psychology textbook. “The problem is, data on the Internet doesn’t always take the most direct route, which adds latency, so each of our data centers has lots of connections,” Perlman explains. “Then we figure out which one will deliver the data stream to you via the quickest, most direct route.”

He adds: “The thing we can’t control, though, is data packet loss. Unlike, say, streaming a movie trailer, we don’t get a second chance to grab a dropped data packet. So we’ve had to rely on some psychophysical tricks to conceal those errors so you don’t notice them.”

Each game added to OnLive also gets a final tune-up with algorithms adapted to its style of play — “A first-person shooter is much different from a driving game,” notes Perlman — and advice from outside the company. “We bring in experts,” Perlman says. “Sometimes, it’s members of the original development team, but often it’s simply someone who is really good at that game. They let us know if it plays the way it should.”
Visit the site below to read the full article.

Apple Games: OnLive

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