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Tuesday, January 16, 2001
'Tranqulity' Released
2:56 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

A very curious hardware-accelerated puzzle game has arrived, known as Tranquility. With an odd, freeform approach to puzzle solving that is both interesting and vertigo-inducing, this game is also one of the market's few attempts at subscription-based gaming. Demo levels of the game are free, and change each day, but the full version of the game costs $9.89 a month, $49.89 for 6 months and $79.89 for a year's subscription, payable by credit card.

Here is a description of the game from their press release:

tranquility is a internet powered 3D computer game of hide and seek...

tranquility has no weapons to acquire, no enemies to pursue you, no fuel
supplies to monitor, no lives that are virtually won or lost. There are no
complex series of mazes to commit to memory or puzzles to hold you back
until solved. There are no time limits to tranquility.

tranquility is a totally new gaming experience. It offers a world rich with
sensory stimulation where everything moves, not just you.

Every tranquility player experiences personalized games created by the
TQworld servers. Game levels consist of beautiful geometric shapes moving
in intricate patterns. Game play involves floating around and through the
patterns, and using them to locate the special spinners that take you to
the next level and game. It's hypnotic, it's narcotic, play tranquility!

Tranquility appears to require OpenGL hardware acceleration; a demo is available on Macgamefiles.com. Be sure to post your comments in the user reviews.

TQWorld, Inc
Tranqulity 3.3 Demo (10 MB)

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