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Monday, June 21, 2010

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Going Rogue And The Future Of City Of Heroes
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

BigDownload has posted a new interview with City of Heroes lead designer Melissa Bianco. The game developer discussed Going Rogue, the upcoming expansion for the super hero themed MMO, as well as future plans for the online game.

What other new features will be put into Going Rogue?
Under the guidance of Matt "Positron" Miller, we're adding a teaser of the Incarnate System which is an end game content system for level 50s so that they can experience a whole new level of challenging game-play. We have four new zones that take place in Praetoria and with this new universe we're introducing some new mission map sets as well. We added four new power sets (Electric Control, Kinetic Melee, Demon Summoning, and Dual Pistols) which adds a new power set for each of the basic archetypes and we've done some serious upgrades to the Mission Architect system in the form of new maps, new mobs and a special new feature we introduced in Issue 17 in the form of doppelganger technology. The new alignment system and all the creativity and access that will provide is pretty exciting. Did I mention we are throwing in new costume sets, auras, and plenty of emotes? There is an even longer list of game-play features that will make the new missions more advanced and fun than you've ever seen in City of Heroes. That's just a taste of it, there's plenty more I'm probably forgetting.

After the expansion is released what plans are there for further free content updates?
We have big plans for our free updates, actually. We intend to expand on the Going Rogue system in the form of additional missions (tip and morality), add more End Game zones and events, unlock more Incarnate Slots (though you will need to have the Expansion to play them), and continue to add content, costumes, power sets, and a few little things I have up my sleeve, which I will not tell you, even on pain of dismemberment.
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