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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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Diablo III: Shrines, Orbs, Wizards, And Witch Doctors
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

In recent posts on the Diablo III forums community manager Bashiok revealed new information about the upcoming action RPG. This time the discussion covered a variety of topics including paying to revive hard core characters, stat customization, shrines, orbs, and mana,

On paying to restore hardcore characters:
Paying to bring back a fallen hardcore character was something I read someone here post once, and I simply repeated it to say I thought it was an interesting idea. I'm not a designer. Things I find interesting doesn't mean they're being implemented. I have though heard Jay (who is lead designer) say that paying to bring back hardcore is pretty much a horrible idea.

On statistic customization:
Not really, they're referred to by the masses as "auto-stats". Meaning every level your base stats automatically grow. There will still obviously be ways to customize your stats through various systems though. Itemization being one of them. And some other stuff. So yes you will be able to customize your stats, but it won't be by gaining a number to distribute every level and pumping them into the base stats directly.

On shrines and orbs:
Shrine buffs apply to the entire party as long as they're in range.

As far as "power-up orbs" it's something I thought of as well, which usually means the designers thought of it a year+ ago. Not as a shrine replacement though, but as a replacement for buff scrolls/elixirs. I just either forget to use them or let them sit afraid of wasting them. So they just take up bag space. I face the same dilemma in WoW and usually just end up throwing them on the AH because I realize I'll never use them. Obviously some people are better than me, and able to remember to use them, as they usually sell.
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