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Friday, April 16, 2010
Flyghty Reaches Version 1.1
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Nostalgic Software has released Version 1.1 of Flyghty for Macs. The simple 2D flight simulator has evolved to include both land and ocean environments with a choice of Civilian and Military options. The sim allows players to practice a variety of maneuvers including take offs, cruising, loops, and dogfights with enemy planes.

New Features:
  • Four mountain peak heights for launch/landing slopes
  • More zoom levels and elevator deflection
  • Biplane has better handling, retractable gear and flaps
  • Plane damage due to ground contact and enemy fire
  • Protect your runway and carrier from balloon bombs
  • Mission descriptions and completion bonuses
Design your own airplane. Alter mono and biplane wings, tail surfaces, body length, and rotary engine size. Modifications affect flight and ground dynamics: thrust, lift, drag, weight and inertia.

Civilian options include takeoffs, landings, loops, stalls, dives, wind, fog and various equipment failures. Military options add an aircraft carrier, catapult, tail-hook, enemy planes, battleships and machine guns. Missions include dangerous torpedo drops and balloon bombs. Registered versions add saving designs, selections and scores.
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Nostalgic Software

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Archives  News  Flyghty Reaches Version 1.1