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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
Missions Of The Reliant OS X Version In Development
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | 1 comment

Orange River Studio's Michael Rubin has informed us that his Classic OS shareware game set in outer space, Missions of the Reliant, will be receiving an OS X version. Reliant fan and Mac Programmer Gwynne Raskind has started work on porting the game and will be offering progress updates on her blog.

From The Monk's Brew:
For those of you who donít know, I did write one other computer game in the past, The Missions of Starship Reliant (aka, Missions of the Reliant). I had always wanted to write and release a game throughout my childhood, but all I knew back in the 80s was BASIC, and that never got me very far. And so, at one point in my mid-twenties, and being a Mac fan and all, I decided to pick up some books and learn Pascal. In 1994, amid great imaginary fanfare and to much fictitious critical acclaim, the first version of Missions was released in all of its $20 shareware glory. (The sequel, Missions II, was released in 1996, but it was really just an expansion of the original and not truly a sequel. It just sounded cool.)

About a week ago I received an e-mail from Gwynne Raskind, apparently a Missions fan from back in the day, but also a talented Mac programmer. Maybe you can see where this is going.

She asked if I was interested in seeing an OS X port of Missions, and volunteered to take on the Mac Toolbox-to-Cocoa port if I still had the source code and was willing to share it. Itís a pretty fantastic idea to me, really. Iíd love to see the old game running again on todayís systems, and SheepShaver doesnít count since (a) the sound is messed up, (b) you need an old Mac OS ROM file, and (c) itís kind of an unsupported mess to get up and running.

My only stipulations were that first, the port would need to be released as free/donationware, and second, that she couldnít laugh at me while reading my old code. At least, not to my face.

From Gwynne's Blog:
Those who have been using Macs for at least 14 years may or may not remember a space game for old Macs that went by the name ďMissions of the ReliantĒ.

It was a really fun little game with a few missions in it, changable crew members in your ship, powerups for your ship, a nice big galaxy to hang around in, systems that took damage and could be repairedÖ if youíre thinking Rescue!, donít, Missions was much better.

Anyway, like all the old Mac games, itís long since nonfunctional on modern machines. But I wasnít willing to settle for that, so I pulled up my e-mail and wrote a letter to Michael Rubin, the original author of Missions, asking if I might get the source code and take a crack at porting it to OS X.

His enthusiasm was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Iím very grateful to him for the opportunity heís given me to bring a classic back to the Mac. Iíll be posting updates here regularly about my progress on the port.
Visit the pages below for more information about Missions of the Reliant and Rubin's upcoming game, Vespers.

Michael Rubin's Blog
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