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Thursday, February 4, 2010
Hive Media Games Formed, Angela's World Released
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Hive Media has announced the acquisition of Windmill Games and the creation of Hive Media Games. HMG's first release is Angela's World an action game which challenges players to gather enchanted roses while dodging sparks and other hazards on a small planet.

William Weaver, President and CEO of Hive Media, Inc. stated, “I am proud that Hive Media has had the opportunity to form Hive Media Games with Sven Paroth as Senior Programmer. Hive Media is comprised of extremely talented professional artists, audio engineers and programmers. Through our team and a large business network, I am sure that many people will be enjoying our games for years to come.”

Sven Paroth, ex-owner of Windmill Games stated, “After review, I welcomed the opportunity to become a part of Hive Media and help build Hive Media Games. Working as one entity, we are excited to bring a varied number of qualitative games on multiple platforms in the coming months.”

William Weaver added, “We promise to offer unique game play and twists on familiar, fun game play styles.”. William expounded with, “All of our games will be polished upon release through community beta testing. We will not release a game until we see the goals are completed with perfection. We at Hive Media Games look forward to bringing joy to others through our casual game line-up for years to come.”

Hive Media Games’ first release was Angela’s World. This casual game takes place upon a small planet which you must dodge sparks and gather enchanted roses while surviving the various events that Angela’s World offers. While Hive Media Games offers a playable demo, the full version of the game has additional features such as achievements, additional game events; secret game mode; and the ability to post your high score to complete against others on the Hive Media Games website.

Future plans for Hive Media Games include developing a fun online community on which members may display their high scores; achievements; and many more features to come.

The initial price for Angela’s World is $3.80 USD for Mac and PC. The price for the upcoming iPhone version is $1.99 USD. A portion of the proceeds will go towards funding fun charitable projects.

Angela's World
Hive Media Games

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Archives  News  Hive Media Games Formed, Angela's World Released