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Thursday, January 28, 2010
Simplz: Zoo Reviewed
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Gamertell has posted a new review of Reflexive Entertainment's recently released Simplz: Zoo. The hybrid casual title combines Match-3 puzzle challenges with a zoo building simulation. Gamertell gave Simplz: Zoo a score of "One thumb up, one sideways; 89/100; B+; * * * 1/2 out of 5."

From the review:

After a few minutes playing Simplz: Zoo, itís easy to see that the whole concept was very well thoughout out. It isnít like some match-3 games, where the simulation part is simply meeting criteria to make a few new buildings or items appear on a main screen, or some simulation games where the match-3 part would just be a mini-game distraction with no real effect on the story. Both parts are equally essential and important when it comes to making your zoo the best.

The Simplz: Zoo match-3 puzzles are all very fun and seem to move quite quickly, if you want to rush through them. You can obtain new pathway pieces and decorations by clearing them off of the match-3 board while matching, which allows you to make your park look more professional and fulfill wishes of park attendees who want more garbage cans or a place to sit and rest. You also earn essential items to keep your zoo running, like food, personnel, building materials and money. Once youíve played a match, you immediately head back to the zoo to make use of your new materials.

One you get back to the zoo, youíll first see an update showing what effect playing the match-3 game had. Youíll get all your new necessities and items, and see how far you are from your dream of becoming the number one zoo. Then, youíll be taken back to the park. Mainly, when youíre here, youíll be placing buildings, animals or decorations and watching visitors walk around your park. Visitors will offer opinions on the park, facts about the animals and tell you what they want as they walk around. After placing a new building or animal pen, youíll likely be out of resources and need to play more match-3 games. Maybe its just me, but most of the time I felt like the focus was on the match-3 part, and not the simulation aspect. I spent more time playing match-3 puzzles than I did organizing and managing my zoo.
Read the full review at the page below.

Gamertell: Simplz Zoo Review
Reflexive Entertainment
Simplz: Zoo

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