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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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City Of Heroes Hosts More Mission Architect Guest Authors
6:00 AM | Cord Kruse | Comment on this story

Paragon Studios has announced the release of a second group of guest author missions for the super hero MMO, City of Heroes. This time the Mission Architect is made use of by Mercedes Lackey, Troy Hickman, and Austin Grossman. Just in time for the debut GamePro released a short Q&A session with each celebrity mission designer.

Mercedes Lackey -
"Mystery on the Boardwalk" (arc id:369275) - Unbelievable Man is stuck on the phone with his needy girlfriend, so the Heroic ATemps Temp Agency has sent you over to handle this. It's only a little haunting, how hard can it be?

Troy Hickman -
"A Little Night Music" (arc id:369271) - Citadel needs your assistance. The Fifth Column have resurrected the dreaded WWII villain Nachtmusik, and he in turn has kidnapped Jimmy Preston. Citadel needs you to enter the dreamworld and save his young friend...and hopefully the world. You say you're not afraid? You will be...

Austin Grossman -
"Return of the Crime Cabal" (arc id:369272) - A routine distress call leads you into the conspiracy between three oddly mismatched villains - a dark wizard, a technologically enhanced agent, and a brilliant scientist. They seek to mingle the forces of magic and science to gain control of an ancient god from deep beneath the Earth's crust. But to oppose the Cabal it is necessary to understand its story, the forces that gave three very different people their superpowers and turned them to evil. The things that brought them together, and the things tearing them apart.
From GamePro:
GamePro: We weren't aware you had any involvement with video games outside of the Wing Commander books. Have you worked on other projects?
Mercedes Lackey: To be honest, before I played the City Of games, I wasn't all that interested in PLAYING. Watching, yes, I am an avid audience, and I recall many enjoyable evenings watching my husband [Larry Dixon] and housemates scraping their faces along walls in Castle Wolfenstein, or fragging each other in Diablo or Halo. But the City of Games got me hooked, and honestly, I haven't found any other MMORPG that even compares.

GP: Got any plans to go farther into the field of game design or writing?
ML: I would LOVE to do game design or game writing. Larry and I really enjoy the storytelling aspect of gaming. We'd love to do something based on our books, or something entirely new. Steampunk! That would be awesome! Or fantasy steampunk! One of our favorite RPGs was Castle Falkenstein, which was fantasy steampunk; alas, we could never get a GM that knew it.
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