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Wednesday, January 10, 2001
MWSF: GeForce 2 MX Benchmarks
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IMG correspondent Patrick Leyden met with NVIDIA staff at the show, and walked away with some benchmarks of the GeForce 2 MX cards shipping as a BTO option in the next generation of G4 towers. The numbers are quite surprising, as the GeForce 2 MX is considered a low-end, low-cost card on the PC side and it is always listed as coming in second to the more expensive Radeon in comparisons. Obviously the new "write combining" support and 4x AGP of the new G4 motherboard gives this card a boost, and NVIDIA has certainly not been fooling around in the driver department either. Here are the numbers:

Quake 3 Arena, Timedemo demo 1:


Rage 128 - 26

Radeon - 59

Geforce - 69


Rage 128 - 41.9

Radeon - 59.4

Geforce - 71.1

The reason why the Geforce 2 MX is the current Mac product of choice is that
it is currently the only product in their lineup that is compatible with Mac
video. All future NVIDIA graphics chips, such as products based on the NV20
architecture, will be fully Apple-compatible.

NVIDIA wants to eventually "drive every pixel on every screen" says their director of public relations, Derek Perez. Lofty ambitions to be sure, but if anyone is capable of this goal, NVIDIA is.

We hope to bring you more benchmarks, along with more details on the system specs, version of Q3A and settings used in the near future. We'll have more details from our discussions with NVIDIA and ATI tomorrow.

MWSF: GeForce 2 MX Standard on New Macs

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